Traditional Thai Therapy

Traditional Thai Therapy

Sports Massage

Sports and Sports Injury Massage is Derived from the ancient Chinese massage. It has been used more than 3,000 years. The treatment involves using a combination of styles. The two main styles When carrying out a sports massage is:
Deep tissue massage and a firm yet vibrant massage which both break down knots and relax the muscle groups.

More information relating to sports massage and sports injury will be added very shortly.

However, we do have regular boxers, kick boxers, footballers etc who benefit from Sports Massage
I also customise the therapies to suit the persons needs and condition

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Many athletes utilize massage as a regular tool to keep their muscles and bodies in balance. There are therapists in Leicester who specialise in athletic massage, the massage was originally developed to help athletes prevent and relieve injuries, moreover it is beneficial because it enhances the psychology and physiological aspects of an athlete.

Athletes face a wide variety of challenges, which average people do not deal with, most of them are sore and tense because of tough competition and intense training. The athletes push their bodies to the limits as they strain to achieve their goals, some choose flexibility for strength this can cause major problems later in life.

Leicester sports massage therapists deals with all these issues and they can give help the athletes gain shape and therapy for specific conditions.

For high-end athletes massage is recommended as part of a regimen that the athlete uses to keep maintain their shape and agility. The massage stretches tight muscles, eases sore muscles and tendons making them strong and flexible, in addition massage is known to relax the athlete so that he or she is emotionally and physically healthy.

There are other uses that therapists in Leicester use sports massage to relieve strain and stress on muscles. The massage therapists are well qualified and are conversant with modern training techniques and physical demands of different sports categories.

They are well versed with the body mechanics and requirements of the sports as well as the modifications that the athlete have to undergo in order to be successful. The massage is geared towards increasing the athlete’s flexibility and endurance while promoting mental strength and balance.

Sports massage is not only used before the sport but also after the sport and during the sport. Some of the techniques used in sports massage include

Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
This technique is vital in increasing flexibility of the athlete; it is known to be one of the most effective ways of increase range of motion. This method stretches muscles or a muscle group to end point for ten seconds the athlete is required to contract the muscle against the resistant. This is beneficial in reliving muscle strains especially for long muscles such as hamstrings, abductor’s, and quadriceps.

Active isolated stretching
Active isolated stretching or AIS is one of the common methods of increasing motion range in sports therapy. The therapist will gently push the muscles beyond normal range and hold them for two seconds before regaining the original position. This type of massage helps the athlete to stretch the muscles effectively without feeling any sort of pain

Delays onset of muscle soreness
According to comprehensive research sports massage can prevent or relieve onset of muscle soreness, this usually begins 12-24 hours after the exercise. Sports massage Leicester will help alleviate the pain by encouraging blood flow and lymph flow throughout the body, moreover this reduces muscle fatigue drastically.

Stress and Pain Reduction

Sports massage is effective in managing stress and pain on the muscles, when an athlete receives the massage the body releases endorphins essential neurotransmitters which acts as a natural pain reliever. Moreover the hormone reduces anxiety, improves mood and the state of well being of the athlete.

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