Traditional Thai Therapy

Traditional Thai Therapy

Advanced Traditional Thai Medical Massage

We have been the providing Thai Medical Massage in Leicester for more than a decade, and have a long list of satisfied and regular customers who travel from beyond and in Leicester who are very happy with the peaceful experience that a traditional Thai medical massage provides. What makes traditional Thai massage different from any other form of massage is that it is done initially without the use of oils, and focuses on relaxing your muscles and tendons naturally. On occasion we use high quality oils to benefit the problem areas being worked on

How Does A Thai Medical Massage Feel?

Compared to any other classic form of traditional or non-traditional massages, a Thai massage is more rigorous and energizing. Traditional Thai massage is also known as Yoga Massage, as our therapists used their hands, feet, legs and knees move your body. But we do take into account individuals flexibility of joints and adjust accordingly.

A Traditional Advanced Medical Thai massage provided by out expert therapist is performed involving factors such as joint mobilization and muscle compression. Many of our satisfied customers feel abundantly energetic and yet relaxed after their massage sessions.

What Are The Benefits Of a Advanced Traditional Thai Medical Massage?

Similar to any other form of massage therapy, the focus of Thai medical massage is to provide you a relaxing environment of body and mind. The benefits you will likely experience are:

· Muscle relaxation with reduced stiffness in the shoulders.

· The relaxation process puts you in a positive state of mind which helps flush out stress.

· The continuous muscle contraction and breathing increases the circulation of blood in your body.

· With relaxed muscles and better blood circulation, your vitals increase and you feel energetic.

· Along with relaxation, the compression and stretching helps make your muscle more elastic and flexible.

· This type of Thai massage has been regarded safe and effective for curing more than 80 different ailments related to muscles, joints and the spine.

· It has also been regarded as clinically safe and also used for treating patients with complete or partial paralysis to improve blood circulation in the muscles and joints.

Why Choose Us?

There are several reasons why we have been one of the most sought after traditional Thai massage centers in all of Leicester. Our profound massage therapists have been extensively trained in the ancient art of Traditional Thai Medical Massage. Thai massage therapy is among those few forms of massage that needs to be done with experience and expertise, otherwise it could lead to several risky injuries. has been providing massage therapies since 2006 (the 2nd longest current massage therapy provider in the Leicester area). We do not use any form of paid advertising and our customers find us either by our website or word of mouth referrals. Which we thank all our long term customers for there continued support and confidence in the services we offer.

We make no compromises when it comes to customer satisfaction, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the best Leicester Thai massage. Our Traditional Thai Advanced Massage, along with other sough after massage therapies concentrates on your stress points and work on them to put your mind and body at peace.

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