Traditional Thai Therapy

Traditional Thai Therapy

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I grew up in Nakom Phanom Province, Thailand and moved to Bangkok to commence working full-time. After marrying my English husband in November 2003 I came to England..


After completing my formal education in Nakom Phanom:

Employed as a “Live In” Home Care Assistant where I took care of my Employers’ elderly mother. I was very happy there but had little time to educate myself further. I took the decision to take a salary drop so that I could progress further.
I gained employment as an assistant nurse in a private hospital in Bangkok, where I received ongoing training in many areas during my 9 years of employment.
During the last 4 years of employment I studied Safety Science at a Bangkok University, where I received my degree in June 2002.
I have since studied various aspects relating to Thai Traditional Massage by returning to Bangkok, Thailand on several occasions. Received training at The Waht Po Traditional Medical School and obtained the following certificates:

• Traditional Thai Massage
• Advanced Traditional Thai Massage
• Oil Massage and Aromatherapy
• Traditional Thai Foot Reflexology Massage

I have since studied further at the Thai Traditional Medical Services Society in Pathumthani near. Bangkok, Thailand. Where I obtained the following certificate:

• Massage Rehabilitation for Specific Symptoms

I keep in contact with both Training Centres via my friends’ emails and information updates, in an effort to enhance my knowledge & education. This enables me to offer a better up to date service to all my clients.

I have recently attended The Penny Price Academy of Aromtherapy, Hinckley, Leicestershire. I studied various aspect of:

• Sports Massage
• Continue to attend Hinckley College ESOL classes
• I have also studied and passed my car driving test.

I look forward to meeting you, so that you can enjoy the benefits that my services provide and become a regular or occasional client.

With Best Wishes

Mrs K. Duncan
Qualified Massage Therapist

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