Traditional Thai Therapy

Traditional Thai Therapy

Foot Reflexology Massage

A full therapy session of reflexology uses several different techniques and comprises all of the points, especially on both feet (and possibly the ears and hands). Generally, the session begins at the toes or fingers, and works down to the hand or foot’s heel, then to the areas on the top and sides.

By working all the necessary areas, the reflexologist will address internal glands and organs, bones, muscle groups, nerves (sciatic), and nerve ganglion (brachia plexus, solar plexus) during a session. If the practitioners for reflexology massage, find tightness or congestion during the therapy session, they can choose to apply pressure to work so to bring the body back into balance.

If they find the part of the three parts that has pain, that part of the body is worked until the pain goes away. Releasing pain isn’t the model; in fact the goal here is rather to restore the balance of the body and then pain will eventually subside.

How a Foot Reflexology Massage Session Starts

The practitioner works just on the ears, based on your specific health concerns. Some health issues respond well to work on the hands and others on the feet; while other problems respond more better to the work’s reinforcement on all three parts of the body. For instance, in some cases, a patient may have multiple tubes and wires, and IV’s.

Additionally, if the reflexologist decides to work on the feet, you will sit or lie down, remaining completely clothed except for your socks and shoes. The physician washes your feet and then soaks them in warm water and after that, positioning them at his/her chest level.

In Leicester, a good reflexology practitioner will start by assessing the feet for sores, open wounds, planer warts, bunions and rashes. Sometimes, can ask you about any leg or foot pain, which could possibly hinder treatment.

Basically, a foot reflexology massage session may last between half an hour to an hour and you can walk or rest during this period at your discretion. However, if you fall asleep during this session, you will still get the full benefits of this kind of treatment. You can request for the session to be stopped at any point and even the feedback is also encouraged.

At Traditional Thai Therapy Leicester we finish the foot reflexology massage with a head massage (included at no extra cost in a 1hr treatment).

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