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Traditional Thai Therapy Massage

A Traditional Thai Therapy Massage will help to relieve fatigue, muscular cramping and nervous tension.

To make muscle and joints more supple, to stimulate the blood and lymph circulation for physical fitness improvement.  To improve body immunity for anti-aging and longevity.

Traditional Thai Massage will also leave a  feelings of deep relaxation, peace of mind, more flexible joints and even feel as if years younger.

We find that many of our Traditional Thai Massage Customers have tight muscle and tendons etc.  Some of which can be attended to immediately.  However if you have a problem or in a specific area, we may need to concentrate on that area.  For that situation, we recommend you may need the Advanced Traditional Thai Medical Massage.

We look forward to seeing you soon, so you can experience the many benefits of a Traditional Thai Massage.

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Traditional Thai Therapy Massage Explained In Detail


Traditional Thai therapy massage is not an ordinary massage technique you might be familiar with. It is an alternative healing method that can eliminate an extensive variety of diseases or conditions. A healing method entails curing of the body holistically using ways like yoga and massage, diets, acupuncture, meditation and deep breathing. While theoretically there are numerous massage techniques that can be applied to achieve healing, only about twenty are acceptable and popular, with traditional Thai therapy massage being amongst them. The following takes an in depth look at this kind of extremely effective kind of massage as follows;

While regular massage involves manipulation of surface muscles and connective tissue to improve their functions and promote relaxation as well as overall well being. Thai massage involves a lot more than this in the sense that it combines both physical and energetic aspects. It is a deep tissue, full body massage progressing from the toe up and concentrating on energy lines throughout the body, with the objective of clearing blockages in these lines thereby stimulating blood flow and lymph throughout the body. Deep static and rhythmic pressures form its core. The therapist uses his/her hands and elbows as well as feet and legs to rouse various organs of the body including the surface muscles. The person receiving this treatment remains passive and can be guided by the therapist on different deep breathing as well as posture techniques.

Full Body Deep Tissue Massage

During therapy, the therapist massages the client’s entire body. This includes techniques using his/her arms, shoulders, neck, back, feet and many other parts of the body to achieve results. Within deep tissue massage, the therapist targets deepest layers of muscle tissues, tendons as well as fascia, while applying deeper pressure. This is helpful in releasing chronic muscle tension resulting in healing or relief from pain. An average therapy session may last approximately one hour, We also offer a half hour shoulder and back massage.
Benefits of Traditional Thai Therapy Massage

Thai massage has a lot of benefits including relief from anxiety, physical and emotional tension, migraines, bruises, asthma, sprains as well as many other problems. It also leads to greater awareness of body and mind, release of blocked energy as well as delivers improved sleep and flexibility. While other kinds of massage prompt a patient to zone out and relax, this massage enables them to become more energized and engaged.

If you live or are visiting Leicester and are a Thai massage enthusiast, there are several places you could visit to indulge in this kind of treatment – leisure. However, even though there are many services offering Thai massage here, not all of them are equally skilled or experienced enough to do a great job and deliver a wonderful experience to a client. Because of this, you need to be very careful when choosing a therapist to work with. You may ask around, search on line, or go over local listings advertising massage services. A good Leicester therapist will deliver a great service, leaving you completely healed and revitalized. has been providing massage therapies since 2006 (the 2nd longest current massage therapy provider in the Leicester area). We do not use any form of paid advertising and our customers find us either by our website or word of mouth referrals. Which we thank all our long term customers for there continued support and confidence in the services we offer at Traditional Thai Therapy Massage Leicester.
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